MFPaQ is a new web application dedicated to parse, validate, and quantify proteomics data. It allows fast and user-friendly verification of Mascot result files, as well as data quantification using isotopic labeling methods (SILAC/ICAT) or label free approaches (spectral counting, MS signal comparison).

  • Organize your data by Project/Experiment/Fraction
  • Validate (FDR based) multiple datasets at once
  • Generate and compare non-redundant protein lists
  • Quantify your samples regardless the method and the instrument used
  • Export your results (Excel, HTML)
  • Firefox 2 or higher (client)
  • Mascot server 2.1 or higher (server)
  • Perl 5.8.8 build 822 or higher (server)
  • Apache/IIS (server)